‘Avatar’ technicians into Selvaraghavan’s ‘Irandam Ulagam’

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Friday, Jun 14, 2013

 ‘Avatar’ technicians into Selvaraghavan’s ‘Irandam Ulagam’

Following movie ‘Mayakkam Enna’, Selvaraghavan is into direction of ‘Irandam Ulagam’.  The movie shooting began during the last year. They camped in Georgia and shot portions in the movie for months together.  For the movie, Arya and Anushka appear in normal getup and also in getup of aborigines.  Both toiled hard and did scenes in jungles and mountain regions. 

Both Arya and Anushka thought that they would reap results immediately.  But, if it is to be a movie by Selvaraghavan, it takes ample time to get completed.  Selvaraghavan has taken up graphic schedules for the movie ‘Irandam Ulagam’.

For graphic schedules in the movie, he is using technicians who were into movie ‘Avatar’.  Thus, the quality of the movie adheres to Hollywood standards. 

Now, the budget has skyrocketed and has made the producer dizzy.  Arya’s movies are marketed for just Rs 20 crores, and the budget for upcoming flick has gone beyond Rs 55 crores.  The reason is that the movie is by Selvaraghavan. 

Let us wait and see whether Selvaraghavan meets the expectations regarding upcoming flick.

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