Background behind arrest of James Vasanthan

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Tuesday, Aug 06, 2013

Background behind arrest of James Vasanthan

James Vasanthan is popular television anchor and is also a music composer.  The police accused James Vasanthan of sexually harassing an old lady and have booked him under four sections. But, accusation that he sexually harassed the old lady is not believable. 

Chennai Commissioner George directly intervened and about 40 police men barged into James Vasanthan’s residence and arrested him.  In fact, people dwelling in the area thought that some terrorist had intruded into the area. 

Police have booked James Vasanthan under four sections for harassing Radha Venuprasad, aged 65. Police have accused him of threatening her, and of making obscene gesticulations towards her.  James Vasanthan is a noted music composer and television anchor.  Previously, there has been no complaint against him of sexually harassing anybody.  As inquiries were made, shocking reports came to light. 

James Vasanthan was raising a house in Neelangarai.  Radha Venuprasad, an old lady who resides in the area, said ‘I thought of getting the land and desired raising a house for my son. You have bought the place. Never mind… Give the land to me.’  But James Vasanthan refused to give the land to the old lady. 

Once, when James Vasanthan’s wife was bringing back her children from school, the old lady brushed past in the car and almost rammed the car on them.  James Vasanthan raised objection to the activity by the old lady. 

Radha Venuprasad’s son is a higher official in Indian Embassy in London.  Thus, he is related to IAS and IPS officials.  Her son thought of making use of his influence and targeted James Vasanthan.  He turned the police against James Vasanthan, and the police planned to arrest James Vasanthan. 

Through her son, Radha Venuprasad pressurized Chennai Commissioner George to arrest James Vasanthan. It is to be noted that Commissioner George is from Kerala. Thus, James Vasanthan, who is innocent, has been arrested. 

James Vasanthan has got a good name in both cinema and media.  It is an outrageous act that an innocent person has been arrested, and that too by an official from other state. Such things are possible only in Tamil Nadu. 

What happened to James Vasanthan could happen to us tomorrow.  The matter should be brought to the attention of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.  Inquiry should be conducted to know whether police have committed a mistake. If they have committed a mistake, then they should be punished.  Reportedly, cine people are to intervene and assist James Vasanthan.

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