Bala speaks to reporters in audio launch of ‘Paradesi’

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Monday, Nov 26, 2012

Bala speaks to reporters in audio launch of ‘Paradesi’

Following success of movie Avan Ivan, Bala’s directorial venture is Paradesi.  The movie has stars as late Murali’s son Adharva, Dhanshika, and Vedika.  Music composition for the movie is by GV Prakash. 

Bala has directed movie Paradesi centring difficulties encountered by tea estate workers during time when the English were ruling India.  Since the story dates back to 1940’s, more than 500 people had tonsured their head for the movie. 

The audio launch for the movie was held yesterday (25.11.12) in Chennai.  The audio CDs were released by director Balu Mahendra, actors Suriya and Vikram received the CD.  Following audio launch, Bala spoke to press people. Here are excerpts from interview that director Bala gave:-

Why the name Paradesi for the movie...?

‘Those who leave their native place and go abroad for livelihood are called Paradesi.  The movie’s story is about one who goes abroad in search of livelihood.’

Why is it that you have made Adharva as the hero for the movie?

‘I felt that Adharva would suit the story.  So, I made him the hero for the movie.  Moreover, I am indebted to him.  I should have joined hands with late Murali, Adharva’s father, for movie Sethu.  But that did not happen.  Now, it has materialized through his son.’

Those heroes in your movies as Suriya, Vikram, and Arya are now lead actors... but heroines in your movies have not turned lead actresses... why?

‘It is not that.  Sangeetha earned name as good actress.  Laila is also one such actress.  But people rumoured that I am in love with her.  But I believe that both Vedika and Dhanshika who are into my movie would have a good future.’ 

Many directors desire turning heroes... how is it with you?

‘Many directors are turning actors.  But I do not have that thought.  I would not do that.’

What do you say about controversy regarding Avan Ivan...?

‘There was much criticism for movie Avan Ivan.  I accept that.  But financially, the movie has satisfied everybody.’

What do you opine regarding working with GV Prakash?

‘I used GV Prakash for this movie because of an accusation.  The accusation was that Bala always chooses either Vikram or Sirya.  Also, they say Bala makes Ilayaraja compose music.  So as to wipe out the accusation, I have introduced a new team.  The numbers have come out wonderfully.  Tell me what you feel after hearing that.’

How was your experience working with Vairamuthu...?

‘After completing the movie, I showed it to Vairamuthu.  He wrote the lyrics within three days.  Then, he said that he had written the lyrics out of blood and that no portion of the lyrics should be removed. I thought he was mocking... But after going through the lyrics, I understood that he had really done a good job.  It was good experience working with Vairamuthu.’ 

‘I am a bit sentimental.  I relate some sentiment in movies.  There would be that influence in this movie also.  I have planned releasing the movie on December 21st.  We need your wishes’ said Bala.

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