Ban Imposed On Nithyananda film

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Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011

Ban Imposed On Nithyananda film

The video release of the bedroom scenes of godman Nithyananda with actress Ranjitha triggered of controversy. Nithyananda was arrested. Ranjitha absconded. Following this, Nithyananda’s ashrams all over the country were smashed. Nithyananda refuted the allegation that he is the one in the video. He said it was done by morphing his image through graphics.
In the same way, Ranjitha too made her appearance before the fourth estate and said that the video film was morphed.  As is the situation, centering the controversies relating to Ranjitha and Nithyananda a movie was taken in Kannada. Madhan Patel directed it. In the guise of Nithyananda came Ravichettan. Most of the scenes have been filmed.
A number of scenes including Nithyananda’s youth, the story of how he turned a godman, the rules and regulations in the ashram and how Ranjitha became a disciple, and the bedroom scenes of the two have been already filmed. In Telugu this movie has been taken, and by the title ‘Sathyananda’. The arrangements for the release of this movie are on the progress.
As is the situation, Nithyananda has moved the court to ban the film.  The Bangalore city civil court judge imposed a ban on the release of Nithyananda film.  He has mentioned in the order that the film should not be advertised, sold to distributors, or released.

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