It's not me, screams Bharath

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Wednesday, Jul 20, 2011

It\'s not me, screams Bharath

A poster that showed a couple kissing under a piece of cloth had announced the launch of Yuvan Yuvathi.

At that point, no one knew the identities of the kissing couple, nor were the names of the lead actors of the movie announced then.

So naturally, the posters created a buzz.

After a while, it was made known that actors Bharath and Reema Kalingal were playing the lead roles in the film.

This led to the perception that they must have been the ones who must have posed for the kissing poster.

However, now that the film is all set to be released, actor Bharath has clarified that neither he nor Reema Kalingal posed for the poster.

Says Bharath, "The identities of the individuals were kept a secret to create an interest in the project. In fact, Rima and I were not even aware that such a plan was on the cards. It was director GNR Kumaravel’s idea  and it worked. The people you find in the posters are actually models."

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