Bharath turns a college student

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Saturday, Feb 18, 2017

Bharath turns a college student

Actor Bharath plays the lead role in a campus story titled Kadaisi Bench Karthi. The movie stars popular Punjabi Model Ruhani Sharma and actress Angana Rai in as heroines.

Ravi Bargavan, who made movies like Well-done and Thiru Ranga before. Has written and directed the film.

Says the filmmaker, ‘It is about today's youngsters and how they see romance. We have tried to capture the emotions of youngsters in a right way'.

The advent of Western influence has changed the way youngsters look at love these days. This forms the crux of the movie, he says.

Produced by Rama Reels, the movie has cinematography by Mujir Malik and music by Anbu Rajesh. Ravimariya and Gnansambandhan play prominent roles.

The movie has managed A certificate and releases this March.

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