Bharathiraja about the question of not pairing with Ilayaraja

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Saturday, Nov 19, 2011

Bharathiraja about the question of not pairing with Ilayaraja

Director Bharathiraja has given an explanation about why he did not  pair up with Ilayaraja again for ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’.

Bharathiraja, who in Theni Alli Nagaram, sacrificed a goat for his deity Veerappa Ayyanar, and thus  conducted the initial ceremony for the movie, met reporters in the city of Theni in the evening…

Here is what he mentioned…

I am meeting reporters after a long interval…

So far I have not participated in any occasion in Theni Allinagaram.  I have participated in occasions at Chinnamanooor, Andipatti, Periyakulam. But there is still the anger that my people and friends have not invited me and celebrated any occasion.

And for the auspicious beginning of this movie, I brought myself to this vicinity. From here I went to the field of cinema, and have brought cinema here.

The movie ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’ tells about the 60 year lifespan of a man.  This movie is a record of the happenings starting from 1950s and continuing till now. This is my 49th movie.  This movie will be a record which Tamil cinema has not seen so far.

Director Ameer plays an important character called ‘Kattuviriyan’. I am introducing a youth, Lakshmanan, who is my friend’s son.  He is in no way related to cinema.  Karthika, who is the daughter of Radha, whom I introduced is starring in this movie. I will make act not alone Radha’s daughter , but Karthika’s daughter too.

In yet another important role, Inea, playing an important character called ‘Mallan Kinaru Mangathatha’. Also, Meenal and Pandi are playing important characters.  I will tell later about other characters.

Here is what Bharathiraja told to reporters:

Is the story of ‘Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum’ same as that of the movie ‘Kutrapathiragai’?

‘Kutraparambarai’ is a story which I have been narrating for the past seven years. Many know the story.  I am gathering information necessary for making the movie. ‘Kutraparamparai’ will be my next movie.

What is the issue that arose with regard to Parthiban –Ameer?

I was contemplating over why you did not ask this. Nothing like what you imagine has happened. Parthiban is a good actor. He is a man with different thought. He is not achieved the heights that is due for his talent.  But according to this story, one should be the offspring of the land.  Parthiban will definitely make it.  But one needs a lot of training for that.

But when I saw Ameer, I felt like he was born for this role. That is why I selected him. It is a constraint for me to finish this movie soon. So we did not give training for Parthiban but instead made Ameer the hero.  This, Parthiban too knows. I have spoken to him regarding this.

The dedication in Ameer, and his ability to change to the character, has pleased me. That is why beyond difference of opinions we have joined. 

Whatever I tell, Ameer carries it out.  I said one day that he has to change his build for this movie. In another two days, I saw an Ameer relevant to the character in the story. 

That is why I selected Ameer.

Both the heroes of your film are dark complexioned, but your heroines are fair complexioned… Why?

That is nothing but the makeup.  If they wash it away they too are the same complexion!

Is this a period film?

It is not anything like that. I do not wish to deceive by making any such promise. If it is to be a period film it has to date back to 400 years.

This is a record of 60 year lifespan.  I am recording the events that have taken place in my life so far.  How can this be a period film?

Why have you not combined with Ilayaraja in this movie?

How many times should I answer this question… Have I ever told that I will combine with him in this movie? Until a stage we were pairing…After that I needed a different experience.  So I changed to Rehman, Deva, and G. V. Prakash.  Every time I needed a different experience I got that.  It is myself and Ilayaraja who need to worry about this… It is not the topic of media…

But as per your fans the quality of the songs when Ilayaraja and Bharathiraja paired are not felt now in other movies. There is expectation about whether the both will pair up… This is a question which arises often…

It is because of the experience of hearing the songs when seeing the movie… So it registered in the heart of the fans… Why… is not my pairing with Rehman in ‘Kizhakku Seemayile’ not good… How are Karuthamma songs…

If a pair who separated join again, it is not necessary that it will be a success… Are there not achievements of MSV..  Even after separation from Ramamoorthy MSV gave hits… But when they combined again where they able to reap a success?

When young we will be with our mother. We will cling to her. When the age escalates don’t we seek a new relation? It is just as that.

What are you to tell to the society through this movie?

What have I told so far… That I am going to tell in this movie…

This is Bharathiraja’s reply.

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