Bharathiraja’s statement as protests arise against ‘Annakodi’

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Monday, Jul 01, 2013

Bharathiraja’s statement as protests arise against ‘Annakodi’

Movie ‘Annakodi’, directed by Bharathiraja, and which pairs new face Lakshman and actress Karthika hit screens the last Friday.

People from a particular community are protesting against the movie saying that the movie shows their community in bad light.  They have laid siege on Bharathiraja’s house and are raising slogans in protest. Also, they demand that a ban be imposed on the movie. 

As a denial to the accusations, director Bharathiraja has released a long statement. 

‘All of humans have different castes and different deities.  Hindu, Christians, and Muslims have their own worships.  But, my people who have found fault with my creation have forgotten one thing.  It is none other than the fact that we are people with no religion.’

‘I know that we worship deities that our ancestors worshipped.  We worship deities worshipped by our mother’s and father’s lineage.  Also, we celebrate our relationships which come down generations.’

‘Proverb is that one word achieves the end, and another destroys.  There is story of Kovalan and Kannagi which is a standing example.  I have never spoken ill of deities.  I took up efforts to raise welfare board for temples.’

‘There are different deities which we worship.  One should be careful to make out the name of deities in my movie.  After listening to names of deities uttered in my movie, one could take decision. I would accept the decision.  I desire to clarify that my movie ‘Annakodi’ does not show any particular community in bad light.  The story is not confined to any particular locale, and is common to all locales.’ 

‘The community would be the same everywhere.  But, my people need to understand that.  My people should understand that there are pranksters who are plotting against me.  I make this as a humble request.  I hope you would understand.’

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