Bipasha basu : I don't have to prove my goodness

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Monday, Jul 25, 2011

Bipasha basu : I don\'t have to prove my goodness

Bipasha Basu is upset with the news which is coming everyday. Bipasha Basu says i broke up with john a year before now why the stories come up so often and talk about my sadness.

Bipasha Basu said ''"My break up happened almost a year ago! Why r these stories coming up now? Is it a pr exercise for a film or overimaginative journalism? Waking upto stories about my life everyday is no fun! Making me sound tragic when I am in a happy place is not ok with me! Wht happens between 2 ppl is supposed 2 stay between d 2 when its over, that's d dignity that I have grown up with and the respect I deserve. I dn't need to be on a talk show 2 prove my goodness! My relationship with John Abraham is over fr good, fr reasons knwn best to d both of us."

whatever happened is for good so please leave me alone i just want to live a normal life Bipasha Basu says..

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