Both in the same boat Sona and other

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Saturday, Nov 12, 2011

 Both in the same boat  Sona and other

Sona has been the ‘tongue lashing beauty’ against one particular group in Kodambakkam.  Another person is also entangled in problem for no rhyme or reason. The coming paragraphs will let you guess who is to be sympathized in this matter.

Sona who has been the close associate of Venkat Prabhu and his friends has produced a number of movies for them based on sheer trust.  She had also given money to Venkat Prabhu to direct a movie. A movie is usually perceived as a moving shadow. Sona has been the shadow following Venkat Prabhu in his friends circle and now there is disturbance and sadness in her. Why?

Sona made a complaint about undue sexual advance against S.P.B. Charan. Others ditched Sona and gathered together as a group. Venkat Prabhu who decided not to direct any movie for Sona, had also promised that he will return back the advance that she had given. Later, the case was withdrawn and Sona went abroad.

But it seems Venkat Prabhu has not given back the full money.  A movie produced by Gnanavel Raja and starred by Surya  is being directed by Venkat Prabhu. This time Sona has not contacted anybody. She has directly contacted Gnanavel Raja.

‘One producer can easily understand the difficulty of another producer. Give me back the advance money along with the interest and then begin your movie.  Otherwise even before you start your venture I might have to complain in the union.  That will tarnish your reputation.  Tell Venkat Prabhu this.’, told Sona.

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