Celebrities speak of Rajini on his birthday today

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Wednesday, Dec 12, 2012

Celebrities speak of Rajini on his birthday today

Rajinikanth, the superstar of Indian Cinema, celebrates his birthday today on 12-12-12 which turns out a rare occasion.  Here are opinions by some celebrities about Rajini’s greatness. 


Director SP Muthuraman:-

‘Rajinikanth is not an average actor.  I have directedar nearly 25 movies for Rajini.  For the first time, I directed movie ‘Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri’ string Rajini.  Rajini had just small character along with Sivakumar.  But as the shooting progressed, I was amazed at his ability in acting.  I thought I should give a big role for such talented person.’

 ‘I joined hands with AVM for Raja Chinna Roja.  Producer Saravanan and I desired shooting song ‘Raja Chinna Rojavoda’. We desired inserting cartoons for children.  But the other song ‘Superstar Yaarunu Ketta’ turned hit among everybody including children.  Only after that, the title superstar got tagged to his name.’


Director Mahendran:-

‘I said to producer Venu Chettiyar that Rajini should do hero for ‘Mullum Malarum’.  But he said that only villain character would suit Rajini.  He reasoned that Rajini could do villain as he has dark complexion.  But I adamantly stuck to making Rajini the hero.  Due to that, Venu Chettiyar evaded the shootings.’

 ‘But the movie ‘Mullum Malarum’, released in 1978 turned megahit.  It is one among Rajini’s favourite movies.  Further, movie Johnny that I directed in 1980 took Rajini to new heights.’

 ‘I met him before few weeks.  Although Rajini has fans across globe and has popularity, he is simple.  Also he is a hard worker.’

KV Anand:- 

‘When director Shankar gave me opportunity as cinematographer for ‘Sivaji’,  I was ready with script for ‘Ayan’.  As I told my family about the chance to do Rajini’s movie, everybody cheered.  They immediately said that I should abandon directorial venture and take up Rajini’s movie.  This instance proves example to Rajini’s popularity.’

 ‘There is another special feature in Rajini.  Unlike other actors, he is dedicated to profession.  Until a shooting is over, he does not move from the place.  As I say that the shot is ready, he delays not even a second and presents himself. Rajini is Rajini.’

 ‘There would be no change in his style.  But I can say that ‘Sivaji’ is standing example to his talent in acting.’

Director Suresh Krishna: -

‘Rajinikanth is a noble actor.  He has taken his life in a different course through his different and intelligent acting.  He knows he has huge popularity.  Also, he knows that his market and demand have shot up after Badshah.  From then, he developed unique style.  As a result, he decreased the number of movies he takes up.’

 ‘During 1980s he used to give 4 or 5 movies.  After that, he gave just one movie per year.  After ‘Baadshah’, he has been giving movies once in 2 or 3 years.  Thus, he has created huge anticipation among fans.  That is his unique style.’

Actress Meena:-

 ‘One could consider Rajini a magician without the wand.  The reason is that he has bound together world audiences through different style and delivery.  Every actress does movies with Rajini.’

‘But I bear credit that nobody has.  When I was 9 year old child, I did movie ‘Anbulla Rajinikanth’ with him.  Also, I did heroine with Rajini.  No other actress could have had such noble relationship with Rajini.’

‘Shooting for movie ‘Ejamaan’ was held in Rajamundhri, Andhra Pradesh.  Fans thronged the location of shooting.  Rajini was seated in a chair.  Then, a whole hoard of fans cheered at me calling me by name.  Then, Rajini appreciated from depths of his heart saying that I have risen from child artiste to popular actress.  Who could have such magnanimity?’

‘In yet another instance, as the song sequence for number ‘Thillaana Thillaana’ in Muthu was being shot, everybody including Rajini was keenly in dance practice.  I was seated in a chair.  Rajini rushed to my side with a stern face.  ‘Other actresses cooperate during such time as this. ‘I was taken aback for a moment.  Then, the next moment, he laughed out loud in his own whimsical way.  One could relate lot of such instances about Rajini.’

Actress Roja:-

‘I have done just two movies with Rajini.  He has many special features.  Once during shooting for ‘Veera’, I was fast asleep.  Suddenly I woke up on hearing a loud laughter.  I was amazed as I woke up.  The reason is that Rajini was by my side.  He bore an umbrella for me.  The sun’s rays were falling upon me through the window.  I understood and laughed.’

‘There is another instance during shooting for ‘Uzhaippaali’.  Rajini suggested that both of us do a song with half trouser.  As the shooting started, I appeared with half trouser.  But Rajini was in pants.  When I asked, he said that only I appear beautiful in trouser.’


‘Another time, I asked Rajini what else he could do other than his style with cigarette and his stylish way of combing hair. This I remarked before everybody.  I thought that he would react to the comment.  But, with least ego he laughed out loud.’

Actress Radha:-

 ‘Only his simplicity and humbleness have taken Rajini to these heights.  My mother-in-law used to say that Rajini appears powerful and with style in cinema alone.  But for public events, he appears with simplicity, she used to say with amazement.’

Actress Kushbu:-

‘Rajini acts according to mood.  Sometimes, he embraces with love.  Sometimes, he used to just wish.  We used to share a lot of matters with Rajini.  Rajini used to respect our invitations.  Recently, some people had to meet Rajini.  I contacted him.  He immediately consented and met them the next day.’

‘Another special feature in Rajini is his humbleness.  It is there in spite of the heights he has reached.  One could say that other name for Rajini is humbleness..’

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