Censor Board removes objectionable scene in ‘Chokkali’

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Censor Board removes objectionable scene in ‘Chokkali’

Movie titled ‘Chokkali’ has been made.  Actress Sona does important role in the movie.  The movie’s heroes are Chaitanya and Jayaram.  Heroines are Reetu and Swasika.  The movie is direction by Charan. 

The movie’s story depicts how a person in Sona’s family is betrayed and how Sona wreaks vengeance upon those who betrayed.  She appears in meagre attire for the movie. Also, Sona does intimate scenes in the movie.

There is scene showing Sona emerging out of swimming pool.  The Censor Board was taken aback at the excessive glamur. Censor Board removed the objectionable scene. 

Director Charan spoke: -

‘The story is about how women turn victims of desire in a man, about what happens to one such victim, and what she does in retort. 

Sona appears throughout the movie.  There are real instances in the movie. Censor Board officials objected to scene in which Sona emerges out of swimming pool.  They removed few scenes and gave certification.  The movie has come out well.  Action scenes and chasing scenes have been made with a huge budget. 

Nisha dances for one number.  Music composition is by SA Rajkumar.  Cinematography is by Mohan.  The movie is jointly produced by United Star Pictures and Edison Universal Entertainment. ‘

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