Chennai High Court’s order in case related to ‘Thuppaakki’

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Saturday, Jan 05, 2013

Chennai High Court’s order in case related to ‘Thuppaakki’

Movie ‘Thuppaakki’ has yielded huge collections and is about to be lifted from theatres.  But, there seems to be no end to the controversies surrounding the movie.  The reason is that the movie speaks of terrorism which has turned one among issues. The other issue with respect to the movie is the title. 

In a case filed by National League Party’s General Secretary Abdul Kareem in Chennai High Court, he mentioned

‘The movie Thuppaakki has scenes depicting the Muslims as terrorists.  The scenes would result in degradation of discipline in society.’ 

‘It is wrong to have certified the movie ‘U’...’ said Abdul Kareem in his petition.  The petition came for hearing in front of magistrates as R Banumathi and KK Sasidharan.  Reply petition was filed on behalf of Tamil Nadu Government and producer for the movie. 

During the hearing, lawyer Vijaya Raghavan presented himself on behalf of Central Government and Special Government pleader IS Inbadurai presented himself on behalf of Tamil Nadu Government.  Lawyer Maheswari presented herself on behalf of Kalaipul S Thanu.  On behalf of petitioner, Lawyer Sankara Subbu and A Ramesh presented themselves. 

The argument during court hearing is as follows: -

Sankara Subbu:-  As there are controversial scenes in movie ‘Thuppaakki’, the Central Government should withdraw the ‘U’ Certification given to the movie.  Also, ban should be imposed on the controversial scenes.

Magistrate Banumathi: - Have you seen the movie?

Sankara Subbu: - No. 

Vijaya Raghavan: - Once the censor board gives clearance, there should be no further intervention. 

Magistrate Sasidharan: - Some scenes have been already removed. How was intervention possible then? 

Inbadurai:-  As Tamil Nadu Government intervened, it was possible to remove controversial scenes.  As Muslim leaders complained that there are controversial scenes, discussion was held the last November 15th as per Chief Minister’s order. 

The meeting was held headed by Internal Affairs secretary.  Muslim leaders and producers participated.  Out of the discussion, decision was arrived at that five controversial scenes be removed.  Later, Muslim leaders met the Chief Minister and thanked her for the decision.

Sankara Subbu: - They are one among the ruling party’s coalition. 

Inbadurai: - Whosoever it is... Tamil Nadu Government has taken stern action with regard to the issue. 

Magistrate Banumathi”-

‘The movie, excluding songs, should be screened to magistrates the coming 10th.  Already removed scenes should be shown separately.  Only then, decision could be arrived at.’

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