Clash in Sivakarthikeyan’s family as he is close with Bindu Madhavi

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Tuesday, Aug 27, 2013

Clash in Sivakarthikeyan’s family as he is close with Bindu Madhavi

Sivakarthikeyan showed up in small screen, then he turned comedian in cinema, and now, he is one among movie heroes receiving crores as salary.  The latest buzz in Kodambakkam is that Sivakarthikeyan is entangled in romance with actress Bindu Madhavi. 

Although it is usual that an actor and actress romances, it is to be noted that Sivakarthikeyan is already married. 

Following illicit love affair between Sivakarthikeyan and Bindu Madhavi, there is clash between Sivakarthikeyan and his wife. 

Currently, Sivakarthikeyan is residing with his wife in apartment in Arcot Road, Valasaravakkam, Chennai.

After demise of Sivakarthikeyan’s father, his uncle stood by Sivakarthikeyan and his mother. Also, his uncle took up their family expenditures. 
As a mark of gratitude, Sivakarthikeyan’s mother stressed that Sivakarthikeyan marries his uncle’s daughter. So, Sivakarthikeyan married his uncle’s daughter. 

Usually, married heroes hide the fact that they are already married.  Sivakarthikeyan is no exception, and he does not take his wife to film festivals.  If anybody asks why he does not take his wife to film festivals, he slips away saying she does not like turning up for such occasions. 

Sivakarthikeyan goes about saying thus and keeps his wife almost in confinement. 

As Sivakrthikeyan was into movie ‘Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga’, he seems to have been close with Bindu Madhavi.  In the beginning, Bindu Madhavi did not respond to his advances. 

But, at a certain stage, she was aghast at Sivakarthikeyan’s growth in cine field.  So, she too started romancing him.  The secret love affair between the two has grown to such an extent that Bindu Madhavi has been given chance to do guest role in Sivakarthikeyan’s ‘Varutha Padatha Vaalibar Sangam’. 

Sivakarthikeyan maintained the love affair as a secret. 

But still… the matter came to the attention of Sivakarthikeyan’s wife.  Now, there is clash between husband and wife almost daily. 

Beyond the noise pollution in Arcot Road, Valasaravakkam, the sound of wailing from Sivakarthikeyan’s house seems to frequently disturb neighbors. 

A frustrated Sivakarthikeyan seems to have asked his friends whether divorcing his wife is the only solution. 

This information leaked out through one among Sivakarthikeyan’s neighbors.

When the media tried contacting Sivakarthikeyan to confirm the authenticity of the report, he was not reachable. 

At least, after reading the report, Sivakarthikeyan should give explanation. 

Whatever be it… Let us wish Sivakarthikeyan and his wife Aarthi who are celebrating their wedding anniversary today.

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