Comments in social networking sites and repercussions upon Chinmayi

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Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012

Comments in social networking sites and repercussions upon Chinmayi

Even for total liberty, there should be a limit.  The issue with regard to popular singer Chinmayi is standing example to what happens if the limit is exceeded. 

Chinmayi has many followers in Twitter.  Also, Chinmayi has lakhs of fans in Twitter.  As Chinmayi released statements regarding seat allocation, killing of Tamil fishermen, and several other sensitive issues, negative repercussions have started surrounding her.  It has gone to the extent of posting obscene statements about her mother.  Following this, Chinmayi presented herself in Chennai City Police Commissioner Office with her mother.  She lodged complaint that those who post obscene comments be arrested.  Police arrested two people within 24 hours of complaint.  One is Saravana Kumar, an assistant lecturer; another is Raja Manalan from Avinasi.  He writes with name ‘Rajan Leagues’ in Twitter. He has his own website in which he posts stories, poetries and essays.  He works as writer in Tiruppur Collector Office. 

What happened between them and Chinmayi in Twitter?  We spoke to friends of Rajan.  Rajan, who posts stories, poetries and cine reviews in website, is interested in conveying opinions in Twitter.  Shreya Ghosel, Shekar Kapoor, Chinmayi and Rajan were mentioned in article in English magazine as those who post maximum comments.  Chinmayi clashed with the person who wrote the article for including Rajan in the list.  Chinmayi made assailing comments against Rajan in Twitter.  But Rajan did not respond.  Even if he desires, he cannot.  Reason is that Chinmayi had removed him from friends list.  Only in Facebook, some people posted obscene comments against Chinmayi.  There is no connection between them and Rajan.  But, why the complaint, Rajan’s friends are confused.  Those who are up to date with the issue say that there is no connection between Chinmayi’s complaint and Rajan’s arrest.  A Sri Lankan magazine had released cartoon degrading Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.  Rajan, along with the cartoon posted obscene comments in his website.  As some people brought it to notice of the police, Rajan was arrested. But, the issue with respect to assistant lecturer Saravana Kumar is different.  He is the one who posted comments against Chinmayi’s mother.  Chinmayi has given necessary evidence to the police.  Saravana Kumar has been arrested subsequently.  If there is mistake by Saravana Kumar, there is fault in Chinmayi also.  There is her share in the offense.  While commenting about politics and principles, obscene language has been used. This has triggered off issues.

As we spoke to Chennai City Police Commissioner George, he said ‘Whoever it is, he should bear social responsibility.  He should not think that he is free to comment about anybody.  Also, one should not think that he could hide the activity.’  ‘There is cyber crime wing to trace such culprits.  Affected party need not worry about where they need to complain.  They can approach cyber crime wing.  The culprits could be sentenced to three years in prison.  Also, those who register complaint cannot hide their own comments in website.  We have technology to find conversation happening between both sides.’ This is warning to those who make rounds in social networking sites.

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