Copycat venture likely to douse anticipation regarding ‘MaatRaan’

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Wednesday, Aug 08, 2012

Copycat venture likely to douse anticipation regarding ‘MaatRaan’

It is quite usual that if a movie turns hit, the story is copied and similar movies are released.  Following success of movie ‘Aattukaara Alamelu’, movies centering donkeys, dogs and monkeys were made.  Following success of ‘Paruththi Veeran’ many heroes appeared with shabby attire and came brandishing a sickle on screen.  But now, even before release of a movie, similar movies are being released upon knowledge of the movie’s story.

‘MaatRaan’, directed by KV Anand is about Siamese twins.  The story is copy from English movie. Upon knowledge of movie ‘MaatRaan’, ‘Charulatha’ was made both in Kannada and Tamil.  Heroine Priya Mani has done Siamese twins in the movie.

Now director for a small budget movie has overtaken these two. Debutant director ES Muruganandam has done movie ‘Iruvan’ in digital format and has announced that the movie would be released the coming 15th.  With caption that it is first venture in Tamil movies centering Siamese twins, the movie is to be released.  Before, one such funny instance happened.  A copy of South Korean movie was made and Ameer acted.  Few weeks before release of the movie, they released movie titled ‘Azhukkan’ with same story. The movie starred new faces. 

Before starting a venture which is a copy of English movie, it should be verified whether anybody else is making similar movie.  After starting the schedules, there should be sufficient monitoring as to whether somebody else is commencing similar venture.  At the least, measures should be taken such that story is not divulged.  It is recommended that assistants are appointed for the purpose.  Otherwise, movies done with few lakhs may douse the anticipation that a mega budget movie arouses.

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