Actress Dhanshika comes out with bundle of lies

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Thursday, Mar 01, 2012

Actress Dhanshika comes out with bundle of lies

Cine actresses do all the drama and pretend in real life more than in cinema. Actresses used to fib in a make-believe manner that they once desired to become a doctor, and it is just the strange twist of fate that they turned out an actress. Also, they used to come out with bundle of lies that they took up risky shots without dupe.  But now the audiences are very clear about such lies.

Dhanshika appeared in ‘PeraaNmai’ as one among five heroines.  Dhanshika, who now turned out a solo in ‘Aravaan’, knows all such vices. She is known for her bundle of lies.

Dhanshika heaped praises on the director of ‘Aravaan’, Vasantha Balan in an interview to reporters.  She has commented that it is enough to act in just one movie of Vasantha Balan to get National Award. It seems like she has signed up for his next movie also.’

Her further comment seems to suggest that the movie does not have much of comedy.

Here is an excerpt from what she said.

‘I took up risk for several scenes in ‘Aravaan’.  I jumped from a height of 30 feet.  I jumped into the river which originates in the Hogenakkal and flows down.  This I did without a dupe.  I desire doing such roles.  I will definitely turn out another superstar…’ said Dhanshika.

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