Dhanush about his co actresses and cast

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Thursday, Dec 29, 2011

Dhanush about his co actresses and cast

Dhanush has mentioned that ‘3’ is to be the first and last movie he is acting in his wife Aishwarya’s directorial venture.

Dhanush who rose to the peak of popularity by singing ‘Kolaveri’ song in Prime Minister Manmohan Sing’s party, has given an interview.

‘There is no big difference in being cast in other directors’ ventures and my wife Aishwarya’s.  She sometimes brings the direction schedules to home.  Quarrels used to arise due to this.  This is a quarrel happening in every household.’

‘Aishwarya will direct films henceforth.  But this is the first and the last movie I am to act in her direction.  Aishwarya will continue directing films for companies outside.’

‘So far I have acted with innumerous actresses.  Every one of them is in some way befitting.  Taking into account the build, Genilia is suited for me.  But when it comes to ‘chemistry’ Nayanthara is suitable to pair up with me.’

‘But the reason for prestige and accolades awarded to me is the principle that I should do my duty without expecting the end result.  I know that one should do his duty with enthusiasm and I also do it the same way.  I happily accept the welcome given by God and people.’

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