Dhanush-Bharat Bala movie, ARR to compose music?

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Saturday, Mar 10, 2012

Dhanush-Bharat Bala movie, ARR to compose music?

Here comes the news that all Dhanush fans have been expecting for years to happen.

Yes, it has been confirmed by Aascar films Ravichandran that actor Dhanush was signed up for a up coming film and he was working on the details.

The background story goes like this.

Actor Dhanush, who was made very popular in entire india by the mass success of the song "Why This Kolaveri Di", has been in the spotlight of bollywood directors.

Infact he has signed his first Hindi film titled "Raanjhnaa" that would be directed by Aanand L Rai.

The actor, who won National Award for his performance in Aadukalam, has been frequenting Mumbai to listen to hindi film scripts and in one such visit he believed to have met Bharat Bala of Vande Maataram fame and listened to one of his script.

It seems like the script had its immediate impact in Dhanush and fascinated by the story the young actor seemed to have discussed the matter with Aascar films Ravichandran.

Then came the official confirmation. Where is ARR in this story?

A source close to ARR, who does not want his name to be published, told us that Rahman has signed a film with Aascar!

Well, this is the first Dhanush film that will boast of a musical score by Oscar winner A R Rahman and all that we could hope is for an ideal combination of Kolaveri singer with Oscar winner.

Let us wait and see how the ARR – Dhanush combo turned out to be.

Damb squib or super hit? only time will tell...

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