Dhanush clarifies

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Friday, Jan 20, 2017

Dhanush clarifies

In support of Jallikattu and against PETA protesters are protesting all over Tamil Nadu to hold Jallikattu.

The protest is peaceful, self-regulated and leader less. They are armed with social media and several lakhs of students for rescuing Jallikattu, a 2000 year old traditional sport of Tamilnadu.

Meanwhile the supporters of PETA in Tamil Nadu are targeted and upraising voice against them. Actor Dhanush who received, An award from PETA and shared the pic in Social Media is now viral.

Dhanush made a statement on this, he says I read about freedom Struggle, but I see it live here in Tamil Nadu. Jallikattu ban is like banning the Identity and Tradition of Tamilian.

I request Central government to take off bulls from the list of performing Animals. he adds, it was true that I received an award from PETA, now I feel ashamed for receiving that award.

No members of my family are a member of PETA and I give my full support to the protesters of Tamil Nadu who fights for a good cause.  

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