Digital cameras in Tamil films

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Tuesday, Sep 08, 2015

Digital cameras in Tamil films

Digital cinematography is the future of film making. Stereovision, a company renowned constantly for being in the forefront of movie making technology be it specialist high speed cameras, deep underwater housings specialty lenses and so on, has it’s workshop and hands on and Demo at the AVM studios.

The focus is to get together the cream of Directors, Cinematographers, DITs, Gaffers and more from the renowned movie making industry of Tamil Nadu. Stereovision is announcing the launch of products that were introduced in Mumbai recently and most importantly to showcase and discuss the facets of products that are on the way soon to augment the movie making skills of our talented moviemakers.

Products such as the robotic arm that has a motion control system from Marc Roberts Motion Control – the inventors and makers of incredible and futuristic Bolt is coming soon to India and will be available at Stereovision!Also on display is the unique and hi-tech underwater multi camera housing from Hollywood,USA the Hydroflex system the winner of two Oscar!

Movies such as the iconic Pearl Harbour and The Perfect Storm had some noteworthy scenes captured with this product. This versatile housing can be taken down up to 200 feet in the ocean and is adaptable for Arri/Red/Phantom cameras.

The Phantom camera high-peed camera has been evolving constantly and right from the popular Miro used extensively for HD applications to the popular 2 K camera and now to the stunning 4 K!

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