Director Hari speaks of movie ‘Singam – 2’

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Wednesday, Jul 18, 2012

Director Hari speaks of movie ‘Singam – 2’

Generally in the field of cinemas, if the movie turns hit, actors are bogged down by the success.  They resort to booze and women.  But a few escape the trap and give serial successes.

One among them is Hari.  Although there are criticisms about his movies, there has never been any accusation against him.  He is a man of discipline.

Hari started with a movie titled ‘Thamizh’ and moved on to next success ‘Singam’.  The only movie which faltered was ‘Seval’.

Although Singam got entangled in controversies, it created a record in box office collection.  The second half of the movie is on the make.  The title is ‘Singam – 2’.

Suriya does the hero for the movie. Anushka and Hansika pair up with Suriya for the movie.

All the actors in the first half except Prakash Raj are in ‘Singam – 2’.  Hari is directing the movie.

Regarding the movie, Hari spoke ‘The movie ‘Singam – 2’ is a continuation of the movie ‘Singam’.  Surya emerges in 2 different roles.  Anushka does industrialist’s daughter and Hansika does college student.  Vivek emerges in an important role.

Manorama who did role in ‘Singam’ does the second half.  She has completely recovered from ailments. This is the movie Manorama has taken up after recuperating from illness.

Mukesh Rishi from Mumbai and an individual from South Africa do villain role for the movie.

Since the story happens in the background of Tuticorin, most of the scenes are to be shot there.  The climax is to be shot in South Africa.

What is the secret of success?

‘Many ask me how I am able to give serial successes as ‘Saamy’, ‘AaRu’ and ‘Singam’.  My wife is a reason for that.  It is 10 years since my marriage with Preetha.  I have three sons.’

‘Only since Preetha takes care of family and the children, I am able to concentrate on my job.  It is Preetha who feeds our children and teaches them school lessons.’

It is my wife who gives clearance to movies…

‘As a story pops up, I relate it to my wife and ask her opinion.  Only then, I go for story discussion.’

‘Generally, I am not used to dining out and indulging in fun.  Once the shooting is over, I return home.  That is the reason for happiness in my family.  Also, I am able to concentrate in my profession.’

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