Director K Balachander speaks during audio launch of ‘Kallapetty’

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Wednesday, Feb 13, 2013

Director K Balachander speaks during audio launch of ‘Kallapetty’

Movie ‘Kallapetty’ is one which pairs up debutant hero Aswin Balaji and Rosin Jolly.  Arima PS Karunanidhi directs the movie on behalf of I Dreams, a new production unit.  

The audio launch for the movie happened in Prasad Lab Theatre, Chennai, yesterday.  Director K Balachander participated in the audio launch as special guest. Then, K Balachander spoke: -

‘I am not well. Even while coming here, I went to the doctor and am here.  There is reason for being here. Of late, talented new faces reap success in cinema.  Also talented directors enter cinema.  They receive welcome and support from masses during very first venture.  This makes me happy.’ 

‘The reason is that during my times, new faces did not receive recognition easily.  I needed to do movies subsequently and needed to retain position.  Now, it is not like that.  Even if it is a new face, if one is talented, masses acknowledge the actor.  This development is welcome.’
‘In this movie, there are new faces.  I turned up to wish them.  The hero for the movie Aswin worked as security in my residence.  I am happy that he does hero for movie.’ 

‘Whenever I turn up at residence, I used to observe him.  He used to jot down some or other thing.  I used to see what he scribbled.  He would have written poems.  He is that much talented.  Then later, he did not work at my residence.  He moved to a big place which is none other than Kamal Haasan’s residence. There he worked as security.’

‘If it had taken another four years, I would have directed movie starring him.  But it is not the matter.  Whoever it is, when there is talent in somebody, masses acknowledge them.  That is the reason why in spite of health setback, I appeared for the audio launch to wish him and other new faces.  I would meet you during celebration of success of the movie.’ 

There were other noted icons as Prabu Solomon and S Ezhil in the audio launch.

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