Director Kalanjiyam suspects political connivance in Anjali issue

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Monday, Apr 15, 2013

Director Kalanjiyam suspects political connivance in Anjali issue

Before Anjali went missing, she made accusations upon her stepmother Parvathi Devi and director Kalanjiyam in an address to press.  Anjali said that her stepmother and director Kalanjiyam were trying to keep her under their custody, and that they have usurped her money. Also Anjali added that there is danger to her life out of them. 

Director Kalanjiyam, taken aback at the accusations, sued Anjali for libel in Saidapet Court, Chennai.  Also, he filed complaint with Chennai Police Commissioner. 

In a development, director Kalanjiyam, who is in Nagercoil for participation in debate to be held this evening, gave interview to reporters. He said: -

‘With regard to Anjali’s issues, she bolted from house following family problems, and filed complaint against her stepmother.  The complaint she has made against me causes surprise to me.

It arouses suspicion as she accused me of torturing her, and that I am trying to usurp her property.  Also, she has accused me of trying to murder her.

Police should question Anjali and I should be provided justice.  I have sued her for libel.  I would prove in court that I am not guilty.

My association supports Sri Lankan Tamils with regard to formation of Tamil Eelam.  We have accused DMK and Congress with respect to issues surrounding Sri Lankan Tamils.  I suspect that there is political connivance with regard to issues surrounding Anjali. 

It is a false accusation against me that Anjali has made.  She has tarnished my reputation.  I am currently doing movie with Anjali.  About 15 days of shooting is over.  One day before the instance, Anjali worked with me. 

Anjali has allocated the next call-sheet for the movie for coming 24th.  She has to participate in movie shooting then. Else I would complain against her in Tamil Film Producers Council, Directors Association and Artists Association.  Very since the issue, Anjali is not speaking to me.  If she comes for shooting on 24th, I would do the movie with her.’

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