Director Mysskin speaks in press meet for ‘Mugamoodi’

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Wednesday, Jul 25, 2012

Director Mysskin speaks in press meet for ‘Mugamoodi’

The audio launch for movie Mugamoodi’ happened few days back at Satyam Theater.  Noted icons including Punith Rajkumar were present for the audio launch.  Mysskin, director for movie ‘Mugamoodi’ spoke during a press meet in the evening. 

‘The movie is my dream venture.  The story is one which I dreamt since days of schooling.  During schooldays I used to read much of comics than lessons.  No sooner than I related the story, many heroes where interested in making a movie out of it.  I related the story to heroes as Vijay, Vishal and Simbu.  But the movie seems to be meant for Jiiva.  He has delivered more than I expected.’

 ‘After the movie, Jiiva would have a break.  One needs strength to wear superhero dress.  The ordeal Jiiva underwent wearing the attire could not be related.  He underwent that much risk.  Other people in the movie as Pooja Hegde, Naren, Nazar and Selva, music composer K, cinematographer Satya have their share in the work.’

As Mysskin showered praises, a reporter intercepted with question ‘What is the reason for not divulging other stars in the movie and why it is that only the name of director, producer and hero have been highlighted?  Mysskin said that it was only upon insistence that few names were highlighted.  Also, he said fans should turn up with least expectation for the movie.  Dhananjeyan took his turn to say that the advertisement for the movie needed to be brief and names of technicians could not be highlighted.

But, as a matter of fact, it does not befit the director and producer to have hidden names of cinematographer Satya and music composer K.

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