Director S Sivaraman thanks Simbu during audio launch of his movie

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Tuesday, Apr 23, 2013

Director S Sivaraman thanks Simbu during audio launch of his movie

Director S Sivaraman has said that actor Simbu did number for his movie ‘Anba Azhaga’ without receiving single penny as payment. 

The movie ‘Anba Azhaga’ is produced on behalf of Footsteps Production.  The audio launch for the movie was held in Prasad Lab yesterday.  Director – actor SJ Surya released the audio. Actor Vimal received the audio CD. 

Director S Sivaraman spoke on the audio launch of the movie Anba Azhaga: -

 ‘Although it is a small budget movie, I am thankful as there is a huge audience.  Usually, magazines do not release news if it is small budget movie or movie starring debutant artistes.  Also, magazines do not release reviews for such movies.  See the new movie... Be it good or bad, write a relevant comment.  Is it just for media not to make any mention of the movie? Not alone that... I requested Simbu to do number for the movie.  He said that he would sing if the tune is good.  I gave the tune. He liked it and did the number.  STR did not receive a penny. STR respects friendship.’ 

SJ Surya spoke: -

‘The movie is merging together of many people’s energy.  Also a movie comes out as many people’s power merges.  One should not reject a movie for being a small budget one.  There have been many movies highlighting Hindu - Muslim issue.  In the movie, we have related the issue in a different manner.  There are three things in life. Those three things are God, Love and Music.  Life is merging together of these three.  There needs to be rhythm to take across music.  If the rhythm goes wrong, it would not sound good.  Nobody knows when beauty would appear and when it would wane off.  Also, nobody knows when intelligence would grow and when it would wane off.  For the director, rhythm is good. It is obvious in numbers in the movie. 

Actor Vimal: -

New faces in the movie have done it like experienced people.  I convey my wishes to the new faces. 

IPS Official Arumugam spoke: -

‘We do not desire it when a huge crowd throngs a place.  We implement the 144 order to make the crowd disperse.  There is a huge crowd here.  When good movies are released in theatres, and when huge audience gathers in theatres, crimes in the country would decrease in numbers.  Man is the only animal upon the earth which knows to laugh.  The cine professionals are those who are capable of making humans laugh.’

Music composer for the movie, Arul Murugan, hero for the movie Aakash Prabhu and heroine Preethi Shankar spoke on the event. 

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