Director Sundarrajan makes re-entry through ‘Uyir Ezhuththu’

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Saturday, Apr 07, 2012

Director Sundarrajan makes re-entry through ‘Uyir Ezhuththu’

R. Sundarrajan, director of Tamil movies, is one who remains indelible in the hearts of fans.  He has given silver jubilee movies as ‘PayaNaNgal Mudivathillai’, ‘Mella ThiRanthathu Kadhavu’, ‘Vaidheki KaaththirunthaaL’, ‘Rajaadhi Raajaa’, ‘Amman Koyil Kizhakkaalae’, ‘Kunguma Chimizh’ and ‘En Aasai Machchaan’.

After a long gap he is making re-entry through movie ‘Uyir Ezhuththu’.

The movie crew comments that the movie is about friendship and sacrifices related to that.

The movie’s story reads as follows:

‘That’s a beautiful village in which there are four exuberant youth. They go about in festive spree and get into row with people in the village.  As festival time nears, they prepare themselves for the celebrations.  Keerthi Chawla comes for participation in light music concert.  Vaseegaran falls in love with her on hearing her melodious voice.  Once the festival is over, Vaseegaran is unable to forget Keerthi and her voice.  Lawrence takes risk for the love to succeed.’

‘The friends find out the location where Keerthi Chawla is staying and take a residence there. Keerthi Chawla does not fall in love with Vaseegaran.  As they start looking out for suitable bridegroom for her, Lawrence sends Vaseegaran’s photograph in place of the bridegroom’s and starts his game.’

‘As Keerthi and Vaseegaran develop love for each other, truth comes to light that Vaseegaran is not the intended bridegroom.  After this, the climax is about whether the lovers enter wedlock or not.’

This is the story recited by producer for the movie, Srikanth of ‘Maadhyam Productions’.

The movie stars Raghava Lawrence, Keerthi Chawla, Vaseegaran and several others.

Story, screenplay and dialogue are by R. Sundarrajan.  Also, he is the director for the movie. The music composer for the movie is Deva.

‘Uyir Ezhuththu’ is to hit screens soon.

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