Secret of hit films… – Director A. Venkatesh

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Friday, Jul 22, 2011

Secret of hit films… – Director A. Venkatesh

Successful commercial director A. Venkatesh has finally found the secret of hit films in Tamil. Being himself a commercial director, A. Venkatesh, who had been in question for years, revealed that the budget of a film did make a difference in the outcome of the film.

In a film function, the director said “The films that have been made in a budget or Rs. 30 Crores and above have shown successes in Tamil cinema. At the same time the films made under or around Rs. 1 or 2 Crore also hit the bulls-eye at the box-office”.

The director also added that the movies that are produced in a budget with Rs. 6 or 7 Crore fail to ring the cash registers.

A. Venkatesh has been very successful in Tamil cinema with his small and medium budget films. He holds the record of directing 4 films simultaneously and made them all commercial hits. Apart from writing and direction, the director has also tried his hand in acting. His villainous character in the critically acclaimed film ‘Angaadi Theru’ was well appreciated by one and all.

The director has delivered a string of hit movies including ‘Chocolate’, ‘Vaathiyaar’, ‘Malai Malai’ and ‘Maanjaa Velu’.

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