DSP To Pay Tribute To His Guru

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Tuesday, Feb 28, 2017

DSP To Pay Tribute To His Guru

Music director Devi Sri Prasad will be playing his tribute to his guru Mandolin Shrinivas in a grand manner this year.

DSP will launch a Song called Guruivae Namaha today as a tribute to Mandolin Shrinivas. DSP himself has conceptualized, composed and sung the song and also played Mandolin for which the lyrics were written by Sri Jonnavitthula garu in Sanskrit.

According to DSP, 'The greatness of a Guru cannot be expressed in words. So I tried to express it through music.I composed this song in Keeravani, one of the most favorite raagas of Shrinivas.

'I made the concept in such a way that each of the 7 notes explains one unequalable divine quality of my guru.

I wanted this song to be in Sanskrit to make it more musical and universal as my Guru has fans all over the world.

So I approached Jonnavitthula garu with the concept and he immediately accepted my request and wrote the most beautiful lyrics for this song.

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