Fatwa against A R Rahman

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Saturday, Sep 12, 2015

Fatwa against A R Rahman

Objecting to an Iranian film Muhammad: Messenger of God, a Muslim group has issued a fatwa against all those involved in the project, including renowned Iranian director Majid Majidi and music composer A R Rahman.We are against the title.

People may use it in a bad manner if they don’t like the film, which will mean an insult to the Prophet. The actors have charged money to act in the film and they may have dubious character in real life.

How can we Muslims allow such things to happen?' asked Saeed Noorie, chief of Raza Academy, which initiated the fatwa that was issued by Muhammad Akhtar, the chief mufti of Mumbai. The fatwa against Rahman and other co-workers of this film have asked them to read kalma again and solemnise their marriage once more. 

The fatwa also asks Muslims to stage protests against the film within the ‘legal’ limits and publicly condemn it. 

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