FEFSI to go into strike the coming 7th

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Thursday, Apr 05, 2012

FEFSI to go into strike the coming 7th

Unable to give cooperation for shooting schedules, FEFSI is to indulge in workers strike the coming 7th, thus sticking to decision it took in the general body meeting.  With respect to small screen, the workers are to go into strike from coming 10th. 

There is ensuing clash out of failure in salary negotiation between the Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI) and the Producers Association,

All levels of discussion failed to reach a solution.  Under these circumstances, the issue was brought to the notice of Workers Welfare Board.

Both sides were called for individual discussion.  Yesterday, there was to be three sided negotiation.  As producers association failed to turn up for the discussion yesterday morning, the FEFSI management called for sudden general body meeting.  

Discussion was held headed by the Payment Committee head Ameer, FEFSI head M Ramadurai, General Secretary Siva and Treasurer Angamuthu Shanmugam.  Finally they arrived at decision to resort to workers strike.

The federation’s general secretary Siva spoke ‘We are agitating for one and a half years for hike in payment.  But still, we did not hinder shooting schedules. So as to retain livelihood and protect earnings, our worker would go into strike from coming 7th.  The workers from small screen would commence workers strike from coming 10th.’

There is danger of Tamil cinema getting paralyzed due to FEFSI workers’ strike.

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