Filmmaker denies charges

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Sunday, Sep 13, 2015

Filmmaker denies charges

Anjukku Onnu, directed by RVR talks about the travails of construction workers. The movie is all compkete and ready for release soon. Meanwhile  the Tamilnadu Construction Workers Welfare Board is said to have objected the release of the movie fearing it might show the women workers in construction industry in a poor light.

Demanding the producer and the director of the film should remove such objectionable scenes, the association said said if they failed to do the they would mobilize the construction workers across the State and lay a siege to the theatres to stall its screening.

Denying the charges, RVR, said, 'without watching the film, how can anyone make comments about is content. We have not shown those who work in construction sites in poor light. They are spreading incorrect news about the film.

He could have approached me or the producer, Shanmugam or any one from the industry bodies to get his facts correct'.He alleged that such allegations have spoilt the business prospects of the film. He added, 'Anjukku Onnu is a story about five aimless youths.

What happens when a girl enters their life is what the film is about. The plot of the film is inspired by a real-life accident in which several daily wage earners who were sleeping on the pavement in this city lost their lives.

The accident in question occurred several years ago but is still remembered as a great tragedy.'

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