Fraud happens in director Prabu Solomon’s name

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Friday, Jun 14, 2013

Fraud happens in director Prabu Solomon’s name

‘Hello... It is Prabu Solomon... My relative’s child is ill... Please.... Could you provide financial assistance?’ says a person over phone as he calls up celebrities. 


Some person seems to be calling up popular actors and actresses, and the person speaks thus: -

‘I am Prabu Solomon speaking.  My relative’s child is not well.  I have given Rs 2 lakhs for medical expenditures.  Please donate amount that you could afford.  All that you need to do is transfer the money to a bank account...’ spoke the person over phone.  

Many noted icons have been deceived into transferring money to the bank account mentioned by the stranger over phone. 

Prabu Solomon, who came to know of the ongoing fraud, released statement: -

‘Somebody is misusing my name and defrauding huge amount from noted icons. Please do not believe the person.  Also, fraud has happened using name of producer Khaja Mohideen, ‘Vedham Puthithu’Kannan, and actor Santhanu. 

I doubt that the person who defrauded a huge amount from these people has done it using my name.  I have filed complaint with Maduravoyal Police.’ 

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