Freido Pinto Nominated For Ocsar Award

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Saturday, Aug 20, 2011

Freido Pinto Nominated For Ocsar Award

Freida Pinto’s starred in “Slumdog Millionaire” Oscar won movie is now playing as an Indian Girl in Trishna. This movie was based on the novel of Tess of the d'Urbervilles. Riz Ahmed plays as hero.

Freida Pinto give up her voice that she didn’t seen the original “Planet Of The Apes”, which was released in the year of 1968. But she has been nominated for the Oscar Award for “The Rise Of The Apes”. Sources say that, “The Rise Of The Apes” is the finest action movie of this year.

 It’s really happy to see an Indian girl who starred in Hollywood movies as well as winning Oscar award.

Trishna, co-starring British actor Riz Ahmed, marks Winterbottom's third adaptation of a Hardy novel. He previously directed 1996's Jude, based on Jude the Obscure, and 2000's The Claim, based on The Mayor of Casterbridge.

Apart from that news arose about the love life of Dev Patel and Freido Pinto. They didn’t care about that. Freida Pinto says that” Dev patel and I was ready to do another movie if we get a right offer means. We like to reunite again in the movie”.

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