Fresh reports on Shankars Nanban

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Tuesday, Dec 27, 2011

Fresh reports on Shankars Nanban

Fresh reports about the Tamil movie ‘Nanban’ directed by Shankar have been released. 

The starrers for the movie ‘Nanban’ are Ilayathalapathy Vijay, Jeeva, Srikanth, SJ Surya, Satyaraj, Sathyan, Ileana and several others.

Few reports about the movie ‘Nanban’ are as follows:

*For a particular song Harris Jayaraj has made the singers do it with the relevant amount of water in mouth.

*It is Jeeva who is responsible for all the fun and humor pervading the shooting atmosphere. When he is conveyed that the shot is ready, he turns into the character.  The special feature is that Vijay is also no exception for Jeeva’s sense of humor.

*Everybody in the unit opines that in director Shankar there is a wonderful actor.  He directs the artistes to perform the relevant roles by turning into the character itself.

*Vijay’s name in the movie is Panjavan Parivelu.  Jeeva’s name is Sevarkodi Senthil.  Srikanth’s name is Venkatram Krishnan.  Ileana’s name is Riya.  Satyaraj’s name is Virumaandi Santhanam.

*The music for the song ‘Heart-il Battery’  has been recorded from masses and included in the song.

*Dialogues as ‘What will happen if AR Rehman’s father advised him to be a cricketer and Sachin’s father advised him to be a music composer?’ have taken place in the movie.

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