Funeral rites for Ilayarajas wife Jeeva in Pannaipuram

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Tuesday, Nov 01, 2011

Funeral rites for Ilayarajas wife Jeeva in Pannaipuram

Isaignani Ilayaraja’s wife Jeeva passed away due to severe cardiac arrest at the age of 60. Her body is to be taken to Pannaipuram, a town in the Theni district. The funeral rites will be carried out there.

Jeeva had been the life pulse of Ilayaraja. She was the bridge between his progress in the career of music and family life. The one being his life pulse, she has been his soul mate all through the life of Ilayaraja. She passed away yesterday.
Jeeva had an intense cardiac pain last night. Following that, she was taken to the Apollo hospital. The doctors who examined her there told that she had already passed away. Ilayaraja’s family was shell-shocked on hearing the news.

The deceased Jeeva is survived by her children Karthik Raja, Bhavadharini, and Yuvan Sankar Raja.

Jeeva was very much attached to her children. She was more to close to her younger son Yuvan Sankar Raja. Following a failure in the marital relationship he was upset and disturbed. Only of late, Yuvan got married again. He was very much relieved and happy at this. Having seen the successful betrothal of her son to another girl, Jeeva has  passed away. The whole family is plunged in sadness now.

Cine Icons extend their condolence on Jeeva’s demise
Ilayaraja was not besides her when Jeeva passed away. He had gone for a  movie song-recording in Hyderabad. He rushed back to Chennai having heard the news. On seeing their father children broke down into tears.
Jeeva’s demise has plunged the cinema world into sadness.  Many big heads of the industry as Kamal Haasan, Director Bharathi Raja, Balu Mahendra, Kasturi Raja, actor Simbu, actress Kushbu took part in the condolence in Ilayaraja’s  residence in T. Nagar.

Also actor Sivakumar extended his condolence to the family.

On seeing Bharathiraja Bhavadharani hugged him and broke into tears. Bharathiraja too broke down into tears.  The whole house is plunged into sadness.

Lyricist Vairamuthu who had not spoken to Ilayaraja for the last few years took part in the condolence. Having paid his homage he spoke a few words of comfort Ilayaraja. He then went and spoke a few comforting words to Yuvan Shankar Raja.  This meeting has deeply moved the people present there.
Many people including Superstar Rajini’s wife Latha, Lyricist Vaali, and playback singer Mano and actor Parthiban extended their condolence.

Body being taken to Pannaipuram

The nativity of Ilayaraja and Jeeva is Pannaipuram, Theni district. Jeeva’s body is to be taken to Pannaipuram this afternoon. The funeral rites are to be performed tomorrow. The arrangements  have been geared up for the funeral rites.

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