Actress Gautami addresses breast cancer awareness seminar

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Thursday, Mar 08, 2012

Actress Gautami addresses breast cancer awareness seminar

A shocking news has been released in a seminar held in Chennai that every year One Lakh women are affected by breast cancer.

A breast cancer awareness seminar was held in Chennai following the world women’s day.  Preeta Reddy, the managing director in the field of medicine headed the seminar.

Actress Gautami participated as the special guest and released a book creating awareness on prevention of breast cancer.

Actress Gautami in her address mentioned:

‘Breast cancer is spreading in intimidating proportions proving a threat to women’s health.  But since there has been tremendous advance in medical profession, one need not be afraid.  It is now fully proven that it can be healed.’

‘Breast cancer was diagnosed when I was 32.  This disease creates not alone physical impact but affects the mind also.’

‘So people affected by this disease need to escape the resultant mental problem.  If the doctor is consulted and if the medicines are taken properly the breast cancer can be kept under check.’

‘If breast cancer is diagnosed in the initial stages, cure is easy.  Since the disease hits majority of women, they need to consult doctor and know whether they are affected by breast cancer.’

‘An improper diet is a reason for breast cancer.  So one should follow natural diet and avoid the disease.’

 ‘Breast cancer is not an individual problem.  It is a social problem.  One should be steadfast that if affected by breast cancer, it should be faced bravely, and there should be doctor’s consultation.’

Actress Gautami added everybody should join hands and create a world without the disease.

Breast cancer surgeon and specialist Selvi in her address mentioned:

‘In India, every year one lakh women are affected by breast cancer.  This is due to lack of awareness among women.  Fear, ignorance and lack of proper treatment result in the disease.

Fish and vegetables should be included in the food and one should avoid fatty diet.

 ‘Once age is attained, women should diagnose their breasts.  If there is any difference found in the breasts, medical practitioner should be consulted.  It is not advisable to hide the disease out of fear or inhibition.  All that is needed for women now is awareness with no fear.’

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