Getting ready for their act

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Sunday, Aug 30, 2015

Getting ready for their act

Get ready to welcome romantic entertainer Munthirikaadu. The movie has many newcomers and hence the director decided to conduct a workshop for almost a year before he went in for the actual shoot. 

Directed by Kalanjiyam, Munthirikaadu is a love story set in a village. 'Except director Seeman, everyone else including the hero, heroine and the villains are newbies. So, it didn't make sense for us to directly go in for the shoot. We first auditioned several actors and conducted a workshop for them before we shot the film. 

In fact, every single scene was rehearsed during the workshop. Even though it was hectic, this made our job easier during the shoot,' says the director.

The film stars newbies Pugazh and Subhapriya in the lead roles, while Seeman plays the role of a police inspector. 

'It is a simple love story set against a rural backdrop. The film deals with people living there. We shot majority of the film in Pudukottai, Thanjavur, and in Andhra 
Pradesh-Tamil Nadu border.

Only the climax portion is yet to be shot,' he informs. The highlight of the film, he says, 'The film has eight villains. All of them are newcomers and everyone has a lot of scope to perform. We have also roped in AK Priyan, a 17-year-old musician, to score music for the film. He studied in AR Rahman's school of music and is very talented'.

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