Ghost story

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Sunday, Aug 21, 2016

Ghost story

A writer's travails set in the backdrop his horror encounters form the crux of the upcoming movie Merlin, says its director V Veera. The movie stars Vishnupriyan and Ashwini in lead roles. Music is by Ganesh Raghavendra.  

The movie is produced by J SP Sathish on behalf of JSP Studios. Speaking about the movie, Veera, says, 'An aspiring filmmaker manages to impress an actor with a storyline.

The actor gives him a week's time to complete the screenplay and script and approach him, so that they can start shooting'

.'But there are several hurdles for the youngster from his friends, who spend all his time with him and he gets no time to think about the script. so he decides to enact a drama that there is a ghost in his house, so that his friends would stay away.

Interestingly all his stories start to come true as he starts to experience eerie moments when he is alone. What happens then forms the climax'.

There are enough elements in it to engage the audience and all my artistes have given their best. Merlin would be a thorough entertainer, he adds.Plans are on for a release soon, he adds.

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