Hassle for movie ‘Thuppaakki’ to be cleared by coming 10th

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Thursday, Aug 23, 2012

Hassle for movie ‘Thuppaakki’ to be cleared by coming 10th

The hassle with regard to movie ‘Thuppaakki’ directed by AR Murugadoss is to be cleared by coming 10th.

In petition filed by North East Film Work Company in Chennai 2nd city civil court, it was mentioned ‘We are making movie titled ‘KaLLathThuppaakki’ in Tamil. We registered title with South Indian Film Chamber.

‘Now, actor Vijay does movie titled ‘Thuppaakki’ which is production by Kalaipuli Thanu.  As violation of rules and regulations, Kalaipuli Thanu uses title ‘Thuppaakki’ which forms the latter half of our movie title.  Ban should be imposed upon the title.’

Magistrate Thirumagal, upon hearing the petition ordered interim stay upon title ‘Thuppaakki’.  Kalaipuli Thanu filed petition with city civil court demanding lifting of the interim stay. 

In the petition, it was mentioned ‘The argument by complaint petitioner that latter half or former half of title cannot be used is unacceptable. Movies as Singam, Ee, SiRuththai have been released.  Movies with titles constituting those words as Singamugam, Singampuli, Singamagan, Naan Ee, Neruppu Ee, SiRuththaipuli were released.  Petitioner has filed case for publicity.  So, interim stay upon using title ‘Thuppaakki’ should be lifted.’

The case came for hearing before magistrate Thirumagal.  Counter petitioners as South Indian Film Chamber, and South Indian cine – TV producer guild requested time for filing reply petition.

Following this, magistrate Thirumagal issued order such that time is given for counter petitioners to file reply petition.   Also, the case was adjourned to last 25th.

The case which was adjourned several times came for hearing before magistrate today.  Both the parties appeared for the hearing.  Magistrate, who went into the case announced verdict for coming 10th and adjourned the hearing for the case. 

Since verdict would be known the coming 10th, crew for ‘Thuppaakki’ and fans are awaiting announcement of verdict. 

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