HC dismisses petition against Mersal

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Friday, Oct 27, 2017

HC dismisses petition against Mersal

The Madras High Court today dismissed a petition filed seeking to revoke the censor certificate granted to Vijay starrer Mersal.A petition was filed by an advocate Aswathaman seeking a ban on the film for the 'controversial' dialogues about digital India.   

Hearing the petition,  Justice Sundaresh and Justice Sundar today, theey said, 'Can you target one film for that? If you really stand for social good, then go protest against untouchability, go protest against social evils.

'The movie starring actor Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha, Vadivelu and Nithya Menen had offended the BJP for its dialogues on GST and Digital India.Since the movie had got a certificate from the CBFC, BJP leaders had initially demanded that two scenes from the movie should be cut.

The judges asked the petitioner, 'Do you know how many people in India are malnourished? Opposition leaders have spoken against demonetisation.

So, can we put a case on them for it?'Some films have scenes where the hero steals from the rich and gives it to the poor. If you really care about social good, you could come to court about scenes where people are drinking and smoking.

You could come to court for disabled people being depicted badly. Instead you're coming for this,' they said.The petitioner then argued that the dialogues had nothing to do with the movie’s focus.

Reminding the petitioner that he was only giving publicity to the film, the court said that Mersal is only a film and not real life. Freedom of expression is for all.

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