Hindi actor Dharmendra speaks to press

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Thursday, Jan 10, 2013

Hindi actor Dharmendra speaks to press

Dharmendra, popular Hindi actor and husband of Hema Malini has given interview to an English daily.  Here are excerpts from the interview that Dharmendra gave. 

Question: Although you have turned 77, you have not stopped going to Gym... Where do you get the power for that? 

Answer:  ‘From very childhood, I believe that body is God’s gift.  It is my duty to maintain the body.  So, I consider Gym as temple.  Every day, I strive to do workouts for at least half an hour.  Additionally, I ride bicycle and take up jogging.’

Question: Who among the current Bollywood actors you consider as sticking to your style? 

Ans: ‘According to me, Salman Khan resembles me.  I was very mischievous during youth.  Also, I was very emotional.’

‘I feel that Salman Khan has both of these characteristics.  Actors as Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan treat me with regard.  They do not fail to receive my blessings when they meet me.  This true love is moving.’

Q: What do you feel about the current Bollywood trend?

Ans: Change is for good...

 ‘Obscenity is in excess in present cinema.  Even if it is my daughter, I am against her speaking lewd dialogues.  In the whole world, we are owners of a wonderful culture.  Unfortunately, it is being destroyed.  But, still there are good movies.  It is inevitable that movies are made taking into account the society’s behaviour...’

Q: You have acted in 247 movies... In your cine career, which do you consider as the best movie...?

Ans:  ‘I have not given the best still.  But still, I did movie ‘Satya Kham’ with much interest.  My character in the movie, and the story were natural and strong.  Other than that, ‘Subke Subke’ is a special movie.’

Q: Is Hema Malini still your dream girl?

Ans:  ‘The answer for this is deep down my heart.  If one speaks based on emotion, the real influence is distorted... Hema Malini is a wonderful woman... She is still my dream girl.  I can say only this much now. 

Q: What punishment should be given to those who meted out criminal harassment on Delhi girl?

Ans: If I am vested with authority for at least 2 years, I would wipe out crimes against women.  Women are harassed not alone physically, but also mentally.

Ans: ‘I desire to clean the dirt in the society.  Then, people could taste the flavour of democracy’ said Dharmendra.

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