Predictions by popular astrologer for Hindi actresses

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Predictions by popular astrologer for Hindi actresses

A popular astrologer has made predictions for popular actresses after going through their horoscope.

Here are excerpts from that:

Katrina Kaif:-

You would be accumulating huge property, and there will be financial gains aplenty.  Longtime desires would be fulfilled.  You would not be affected in any way out of postponement of cine chances.

‘Since you need to concentrate a lot in business, you might have to incur loss in family life.  If you concentrate both on family and profession, you will be achiever in a short span of time.  Those who try to spoil your plans will definitely lose.  Be confident and get into efforts.  Understand that doubt is a hurdle to effort.’


‘Chances for new movies will heap upon you.  For profession and spirituality, you may need to take a long journey.  There will be change in approach and lifestyle.  You need to be careful in your approach.  Only then, you will progress.  With regard to people, be careful both on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  You need to be careful when opining amongst magazines or media.  Only recently, you have been out of financial constraints.’

At the same time, getting into huge plans would not reap results.  Put an end to self-decision and resort to consultation among friends.  There is no doubt that there will be happy life.  This week is favorable for you.

Aishwarya Rai:-

There might be good news this weekend.  Put aside other people’s suggestions and give place to your originality.  Create faith in others that you could finish any task.  Currently, there is leadership quality in you.  So people are interested in hearing you.  Unusual contacts may result in headache for you.  Forsake old ideas.  There would be no result contemplating those.  So give place to new ideas and stress on efforts.   You will accumulate huge wealth.

Deepika Padukone:

 The reports which made rounds last week have indeed hurt you.  But the start of this week has favorable aspects for you.  Many favorable reports will reach you this week.  You will be out of the stagnation you had in profession.  You need to concentrate and make moves.  Before accepting anything, think several times.   Be kind towards your people.  That will make you happy.  Some people who function against you will encounter failure this week.  The edge of the enemy’s sword would be blunted.  New friends would be by your side.  You will gain a lot.

Preity Zinda:-

Good news will come your way.  Family and property will progress.  From very begin of this week, you will prosper.  Life is vested with responsibilities and tasks.

If you plan and do anything, success is for sure.  Those around you will give you happiness.  Share your personal problems among your friends alone.  Do not forsake social service on any account.  Do not worry that you would not be able to reach your goal without people’s assistance.  Maintain good contact between family and friends.  Success will come your way.

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