How Hansika got entangled in romance with Simbu…

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Thursday, Jul 25, 2013

How Hansika got entangled in romance with Simbu…

Simbu and Hansika have publicly announced love for each other.  Hansika does movies as ‘Vettai Mannan’ and ’Vaalu’ with Simbu.  Then, both developed intimacy for each other.  But, do you know how their intimacy turned into romance?

This is how both Simbu and Hansika started romancing each other…

Many people warned Hansika when she signed up for movie ‘Vaalu’.  Hansika’s friends pointed out issues between Simbu and Nayanthara, and asked Hansika to maintain a distance from Simbu. 

So, Hansika was afraid to speak with Simbu.  Once the movie shooting was over, she confined herself within the caravan.  But, Simbu treated her with much respect. 


But, Hansika started liking Simbu’s activities and friendship between the two started strengthening slowly through time. 

Even after both Simbu and Hansika befriended each other, there were small clashes between the two.  But still, these clashes helped in making them more close to each other.  Both were pushed to the situation that they could not keep away from each other for a minute.  Both sensed that they were romancing each other. So, they expressed love for each other. 

Initially, both of their parents did not agree to their marriage.  Simbu’s family sought an alliance for Simbu from Vellore.  Also, they started making arrangements for Simbu’s marriage. 

Also, Hansika’s mother Mona Motwani pressurized Hansika to sever ties with Simbu.  Only now, Hansika has gained position of lead actress.  Hansika’s market has shot up following success of movies as ‘Theeya Velai Seiyyanum Kumaru’ and ‘Singam 2’.  Hansika has increased her remuneration drastically.  Also, Hansika has many movie chances in hand.  Mona Motwani advised Hansika to concentrate on her career and also said that her life would be affected if she goes for romance and marriage. 

Simbu and Hansika did not mind the advice by their parents. Both were firm about their love for each other.  Also, they go t into efforts to convince their parents.  Since both stuck to their love for each other, their families agreed to the marriage. 

Following consent from family members, both have officially announced their love for each other.  It is reported that Simbu wants the marriage to be held soon.  But, Hansika seems to say that the marriage should be held after five years.  Both Hansika and Simbu are now busily into movies.

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