I don't have any relationship with Siddharth

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Thursday, Jan 15, 2015

I don\'t have any relationship with Siddharth

Break-up of Siddharth-Samantha recently made the headlines and it was said that as both the actors are busy in the professional life, they are not able to spend time with each other and thus broke-up their relationship.

There was also one part of the media which said the duo's break up is due to Siddharth's alleged relationship with Deepa Sannidhi with whom the actor is working for the film 'Enakkul Oruvan'.

But all these rumours were thrashed by Deepa Sannithi stating that she has relationship with Siddharth is professional and nothing to do withpersonal life.

She also said that Siddharth has helped her and guided her during the shooting of the film as she is a beginner.

She furtheradded that she doesn't know about Siddharth's personal life and said she is not responsible for anything in the actor's personal life.

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