Jackie Chans historic movie 1911

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Wednesday, Nov 16, 2011

Jackie Chans historic movie  1911

The Hollywood actor Jackie Chan has acted in the movie ‘1911’, and this movie has been dubbed in Tamil, which is to be released on 18th all over Tamilnadu.

Jackie Chan, who has attracted audiences all over the world through his rapid action, has now acted in ‘1911’ which is his 100th movie.

The theme of the story revolves around the upheaval against the Chinese monarchy between 1644 and 1912 so as to attain freedom. In this, Jackie Chan is cast as a soldier who gathers people against the monarch.  The usual fight scenes in Jackie Chan’s movie have taken place in this movie also.

This film which has been produced with as much as Rs. 250 crore investment, is being released on behalf of Wallmart Films by Sai all over Tamilnadu.  So far 200 prints have been released.  This is the first time that movie being released in Tamilnadu has as much as 200 prints.

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