Jai says that he would go for love marriage

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Saturday, Oct 05, 2013

Jai says that he would go for love marriage

Many rumors surround actor Jai as he does movies.  Jai did role of Vijay’s brother in ‘Bhagavathi’.  Then, in movie ‘Chennai 28’, Jai appeared as hero. 

Then, through movies like ‘Subramaniapuram’, Jai turned a popular actor.  It has become usual for rumors to be released, and which link Jai with actress into the movie. 

Everyone among ‘Raja Rani’ team is happy.  Actor Jai is happier.  Reason is that media people are all praises for Jai’s performance. 

So as to convey his gratitude to the media, Jai met reporters and made address. 

‘After my first movie, selection of further movies was messed up.  I do not want that to happen again, and am choosing movies steadily. 

‘Raja Rani’ is one among such movies.  I thank everybody for cooperating with me and the venture.’
The first question shot at Jai was about romance. Jai answered ‘I do not romance anybody.  I do not have time for that.  I need to gain a good position in cinema.’

‘I was Aishwarya Rai’s fan.  I loved her.  Her photograph was in my room.  As reports went abuzz that she romances Vivek Oberoi, I threw away her photo.  Now, there is no photograph in my room.’ 

Further Jai said ‘I never romanced and ditched any woman. But, I rejected love proposal by few women.’

The next question was about Anjali.  Jai answered wittily ‘It is long since I met her. I do not speak to her over phone.  If you spot her, convey my regards to her.’

Then, Jai spoke of his upcoming flick and his character in the movie.  Then, Jai spoke of marriage.  ‘I desire going for love marriage.  But, I have not chosen the bride.’

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