‘Kallathuppaakki’ set for release on Deepavali

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Thursday, Oct 18, 2012

‘Kallathuppaakki’ set for release on Deepavali

Movie titled ‘Kallathuppaakki’ is set for release on Deepavali.

Already, for movie Thuppaakki, there was hassle through this movie.  It is being rumored that Kallathuppaakki is to be released on Deepavali as competition for Thuppaakki.

The movie Kallathuppaakki is by Kamal Haasan’s assistant KC Ravichandran.  The movie stars new faces.  The movie is direction by director Logiyaas.  Producer Ravichandran gave interview regarding the movie:-

Before commencement of Kallathuppakki schedules rehearsals were held for 60 days.  The scenes have been shot with help of intercut technique. Also, new editing technique has been implemented.’ 

SP Thamizhchelvan and Kutty Anand are heroes of the story.  Kerala beauty Shaavandika is heroine and Gurubhagavan, Sampath Ram and Sindhiya do roles.  AV Vasanth does cinematography.  SK Balachandran does music composition.

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