Kamal blogs his fall

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Friday, Sep 02, 2016

Kamal blogs his fall

Kamal Haasan, who is on a recovery mode after he survived a fall and fractured his leg, has blogged. The actor has written about what actually happen the dreaded night.

In the blog he has explained how he sustained the injury and his recovery. The post is at his blog (https://ikamalhaasanblog.

blogspot.in) and is titled the fall and rise . He wrote, 'I guess on the 14 July, I decided to go to my office at 10 pm. I climbed the steps of my Eldams Road office, wondering if I should cut the branches of tree which has taken advantage of my green world attitude and is cruelly weighing on my old office building.

I went on to climb the stairs to the third floor thinking about my three films to be completed within 70 days.

I had reached the third floor of my 112-year-old office building. I walked across the large open terrace.'He went on to add, 'I swung myself gently onto the sunshade from the terrace which was five feet above it.

My palms were placed firmly on the terrace to lower my weight like I were doing parallel bar dips. Only both my hands were in front of me. I gently dropped on the sunshade and my world changed as I was falling'.

He concludes the article by saying ,'Won't pursue if it sounds silly  and tedious to them I wrote assuming they would like to hear. I have lot of writing to do. If this writing  is not appreciated I better go back to where it is.

Got 2 new scripts to finish.'Kamal is said to have started work on his movie Sabaash Naidu. The crew is expected to start the second schedule soon.

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