Kamal Haasan about his selfish interest in Versatile People

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Monday, Nov 14, 2011

Kamal Haasan about his selfish interest in Versatile People

Kamal Haasan has mentioned in a book release occasion that he is in some way selfish.

The books written by Professor K. Gnanasambandam as ‘ilakkiyacharal, jeyikkapovathu neethan, medaippayanangal, santhithathum sinthithathum, sirithukonde jeyipom, were released in Chennai. Actor Kamal Haasan who took part in the occasion spoke a few words during the release of the books.

‘In a certain way I am selfish. Which means I too have a selfish interest. Educated people, knowledgeable people are my interest.  Myself and Gnanasambandam are friends for quite a long time. I have shared several knowledgeable matters with him.

‘It is the deceased writer Sujatha who introduced me to Gnanasambandam. Both of us, friends from since that time used to speak for hours together every time we meet. If we are not able to meet in person we make it a point to discuss at least over phone.’

‘I have asked T. K. S Shanmugam several times about how I should keep my hands particularly during times of acting. He told me that if I know that I will indeed be a great actor. Also he shared several matters with me.’

Deceased actor V. K. Ramaswamy has a typical style of comedy even without waving his hands.  For Nagesh it is his body language and like this everybody has his unique style.

‘There is a style for Gnanasambandam too. He is a great poet. His humor is always natural. He shares the things he knows, and his versatility in an understandable manner and in a naturally humorous manner. These books too have the simplicity. So those will definitely reach the masses.’

‘Only because I have not undergone formal education, I seem to consider myself a student and I have the interest to learn several things. If I had completed formal education, I doubt whether there will be as much interest in learning.’

‘I have spoken with people discussing theism, and atheism. When I speak with such people I take only things which are necessary for me. I have played the role of a God worshipper and a dwarf in films. But I have not acted in real life.’

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